Stenger and Krewson both promise no layoffs in the merged metro city

“If this plan passes, none of you will lose your job — every City employee will become an employee of the new Metro St. Louis government,” she wrote. “Also, importantly, you will stay in your pension system and none of your benefits will be lost.”

Stenger also issued an email to county employees endorsing the Better Together plan, but it did not address whether jobs were safe. He said later that he gathered his department heads and told them the plan would not result in layoffs or changes to their pensions.

Stenger’s staff emailed a statement that said the government would shrink to size by attrition.

“If, at some point, we identify opportunities for cost savings via staff reductions, we will be able to attain them through the County’s annual attrition rate of about 15 percent,” Stenger said in an email to a reporter on Monday. “The bottom line is that, based on the plain language of the amendment, much of the function of St. Louis County government would flow into the function of a new Metro City government.”

Krewson texted a similar statement: “Through natural attrition and retirements, we are confident that every City employee will be needed in the new metro city.”

The constitutional amendment would give Stenger — as the first “metro mayor” — broad authority to decide the structure of the new government. Stenger and Krewson by Nov. 15, 2022, would jointly present to the public a plan to create, organize and abolish departments of the former city and county.


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