Stenger’s chief of staff believed Rochelle Walton Gray had been bribed, document reveals

The Port Authority spent the next year assembling the remaining mall property. After the NorthPoint proposal for a logistics park was revealed in May 2018, Walton Gray said a logistics park was not what her constituents wanted. In February, she said she was meeting with NorthPoint and was “open to a compromise” that wouldn’t be solely a warehouse development.

The project never came before the County Council for a zoning change because the Port Authority never completed the sale with NorthPoint.

Developers who had agreed to buy the mall from the county denied having any knowledge of a bribery scheme. Executives with NorthPoint Development told the Post-Dispatch in May that Stenger had tried to push them to pay $100,000 to a three-member consulting team led by Ed Rhode, the former spokesman for both the Stenger and Better Together campaigns. They refused to hire Rhode, and a NorthPoint representative said Tuesday they weren’t aware of an effort to have them hire anyone other than those consultants.

And local developer Dan Devereux, a major Stenger donor who was working with NorthPoint on the deal, has also said he wasn’t aware of any bribery scheme. On Friday, he said he didn’t know of the plot to hire Elbert Walton in order to sway Walton Gray’s vote. Devereux reiterated that Stenger had wanted NorthPoint to hire a consulting team led by Rhode and said that he wasn’t even sure who Walton was.

Walton is a longtime political powerbroker in north St. Louis County. In addition to his and Walton Gray’s time in the Missouri House, Walton’s son-in-law — Walton Gray’s husband — is state Rep. Alan Gray, D-Black Jack. Another son-in-law is state Rep. Jay Mosley, D-Florissant.


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