⏳ STLduJour(nal) - 2021-262-PM Edition

Sunday New Roundup. Pics and such from the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, last night’s Police report and more.

Events 📆

Forest Park Balloon Race - stLouIST

  • My Forest Park Balloon Race 2021 pics - Google Photos
  • Great Forest Park Balloon Race - Jeff Geerling Flickr
  • Up, Up and Away in My Beautiful Balloon - Good Food St. Louis
  • Balloons flying into the sunset (Richmond Heights/Clayton, St. Mary’s Hospital parking garage) - r/StLouis
  • From the balloon race yesterday - r/StLouis
  • Balloon crash in Richmond Heights - r/StLouis
  • Balloons Flying By - r/StLouis
  • Great Forest Park Balloon Race - 20x Speed - r/StLouis
  • Great Forest Park Balloon Race (as seen from Brentwood near I-64) - r/StLouis
  • Balloon Crash on Government Hill, Forest Park - r/StLouis
  • Hot air balloon in forest park nearly crashes into tree behind the art museum - r/StLouis
  • Thousands watch hot air balloons take flight for race - FOX 2
  • Dozens of hot air balloons startle and delight St. Louisans - stltoday.com

BuySTL 👜

Restaurants 🍲

  • Police: Employee shot inside restaurant on The Hill during argument with coworker - KSDK
  • Police investigate shooting Saturday night inside popular Rigazzi’s restaurant - stltoday.com
  • Employee shot at Rigazzi’s after arguement with another employee - KSDK

Neighborhoods 🏡


Sustainability ♻️

  • With Climate Change, There May Be No Best Place to Live - Business
  • “Does Not Present Sufficient Cause” - The Daily Poster
  • How to meet the demand of EV infrastructure and maintain a stable grid - TechCrunch

Nature 🦝

  • Faroe Islands to review annual dolphin hunt following global outcry - World

STL99 😱

  • Opinion: We must start vetting developers - NextSTL
  • China has an “Arch” look-alike called the “Circle of life” - r/StLouis
  • FOX Files: North St. Louis County residents concerned about monkeys moving into neighborhood - FOX 2
  • ‘The status quo is unacceptable’: Activist investor targets Build-A-Bear, Goedeker’s - stltoday.com

STL100 💯

  • Nicklaus: As tech institutions turn 10, it’s hard to imagine St. Louis without them - stltoday.com
  • Urban League, Regional Business Council organize ‘clean sweep’ in Walnut Park - KSDK
  • I started a vlog in STL and plan on showcasing the city as much as I can throughout it. - r/StLouis
  • Boeing puts drone assembly line in Metro East, could employ 300 - stltoday.com

99MO 😱

100MO 💯

  • First family of Afghan refugees arrive in Kansas City, Mo. - FOX 2

Crime 🗯

  • Man accused of hiding drugs in child’s diaper - stltoday.com
  • One man dies, second person injured in Delmar Boulevard shooting - stltoday.com
  • Three shot at bar in Pine Lawn - stltoday.com
  • Man injured in armed robbery in north St. Louis, police say - stltoday.com
  • Man is shot at while pumping gas in north St. Louis - stltoday.com
  • Woman dies in Berkeley when car and truck collide - stltoday.com
  • Man fatally shot in Mount Pleasant neighborhood - stltoday.com
  • Triple shooting rattles neighbors in North St. Louis - KSDK

Police 🚓

DotGov 🏛

  • China Roundup: Beijing is tearing down the digital ‘walled gardens’ - TechCrunch
  • Telegram blocks Russian opposition leader’s chat bots during vote - Engadget
  • Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao announces run for Philippines president - World
  • Nations that performed legal execution in 2021 - Maps on the Web
  • Authority Killings Per Capita (10 Million) by Country - Maps on the Web

CityGov 🏛

  • St. Louis City cracks down on Reign Restaurant and police will enforce curfew for juveniles - FOX 2

MoGov 🏛

  • Open container law diverts millions from Missouri roads - FOX 2

FedGov 🏛

  • Big Pharma’s Democrats - The Daily Poster
  • Trickle of protesters at DC rally outnumbered by media, police - FOX 2

Covid19 Info 🦠

  • ‘If you don’t have religion, get it now’: Religious exemptions may circumvent vaccine requirements - stltoday.com

STLhelp ☎️

  • Care STL shelter need people to adopt and foster animals - KSDK

History 🦕

  • Electric cars parked along Gravois Road in front of Grant’s Cabin - Photograph by W.C. Persons - 1930’s - r/StLouis
  • Maplewood History: An Image from the Mid-1930s of Manchester at Laclede Station Road - 40 South News
  • Creve Coeur rights a wrong of institutional racism - KSDK
  • Messenger: The Venables come home as arc of history bends toward justice in Creve Coeur - stltoday.com
  • The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How our Government Segregated America - Law Library Association of Saint Louis


Captain’s Blog 🏴‍☠️

  • Everything is Always Broken, and That’s Okay | Cory Doctorow
  • The Moose and the Showgirl – Harry-Go-Round
  • Spot The Station | NASA
  • Global Monitoring Laboratory - Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases NOAA
  • Amazon has banned over 600 Chinese brands as part of review fraud crackdown - Engadget
  • The High Human Cost of America’s Sugar Habit – Mother Jones
  • HelloFresh Workers Unionize to Improve Brutal Working Conditions - VICE
  • Modified 1972 BMW 2002 5-Speed for sale on BaT Auctions - bringatrailer.com
  • 1964 Pontiac GTO 4-Speed for sale on BaT Auctions - bringatrailer.com
  • 1974 Citroen 2CV Fourgonnette for sale on BaT Auctions - bringatrailer.com


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