Things were looking up, for a change...

A short review of St. Louis City's FY20 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Welcome to the first real post of #STL is a racket, where I’m gonna be following the money in St. Louis politics. While I know that there are far juicier topics to cover, I’ve decided to start off the blog’s work with a look at the city’s recently released FY20 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). For those who aren’t familiar, the CAFR is a quick-and-dirty annual audit of the city’s finances. It’s not an ultra deep dive into the city’s activities, but it does let us know where the city’s account balances stand. Or at least stood. Since this cut off in the early part of the pandemic’s economic impact, this report is like a still photo of a man falling. We don’t know how much further he’s fallen in the time since the shutter snapped. Was he badly hurt? We don’t know. We just know that he was falling.


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