Twisted Ranch And Kraft-Heinz Launched 5 Specialty Ranch Flavors

The Guys Behind St. Louis's All-Ranch Restaurant Just Dropped 5 Bottled Ranch Flavors Nationwide

Pizza crust will never be the same.

A few years ago, a 50-seat restaurant in St. Louis went viral after a video showed off it's all-ranch-everything menu. At the time, Twisted Ranch had 18 kinds of ranch dressing made in-house daily. Everything on the menu featured ranch, right down to the ranch-infused drinks. Today, the restaurant has moved to a larger space and expanded their ranch collection to a whopping 33 flavorsβ€”most recently, "Truffle Shuffle" and "King of the Dill" were added.

Naturally, ranch fiends flocked to the restaurant to try all the flavors they cooked up. Starting this week, though, you won't have to go to St. Louis to taste some of co-founders Jim Hayden and Chad Allen's creations. The two have partnered with Kraft-Heinz to roll out a line of bottled Twisted Ranch dressings that'll now be available at Walmart and Kroger stores nationwide.

They're starting with some of the most popular flavors from the restaurant: Black Pepper Parmesan, Cheesy Smoked Bacon, Garlic Smashed Buffalo, Honey Dipped Wasabi, and Mango Spiked Habanero. Each 13-ounce bottle costs $3.29.


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