Utility Associates' BodyWorn™ Police Body Cameras Backed by Hicks Holdings

Several legacy hardware providers create inadequate products for men and women in uniform that are expensive and largely ineffective. In particular, traditional, hardware-centric body cameras force law enforcement personnel to manually activate cameras in highly stressful situations and because the clip-on devices are externally mounted, they are often knocked-off and fail to record. In comparison, BodyWorn's patented uniform mount is securely integrated into an officer's uniform and utilizes the only smart technology system that automatically activates and records in response to several triggers. For example, BodyWorn's system is capable of identifying if there is a gunshot, if an officer is down or if an officer is involved in an altercation. Each of these events and others designated by each department automatically activate recording and send an alert to Central Dispatch with exact GPS coordinates of the officer's location and an alert to surrounding officers to provide back-up or potentially life-saving support.

The BodyWorn camera system is combined with an Ecosystem of solutions from Utility, including advanced in-car video and 4G-LTE communications, providing first responders with enhanced situational awareness and coordination ability. Utility's Ecosystem closes the loop for its customers by providing one fully integrated solution that can be relied upon, as opposed to competing systems made up of several different vendors where accountability can be diminished.


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