'Viking funerals' idea, legalizing outdoor cremations, buried by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson

JEFFERSON CITY — Missourians who want to cremate their dead loved ones will have to do so through usual means after Gov. Mike Parson vetoed a proposal that would have legalized so-called "Viking funerals."

The proposal breezed through the Missouri House and Senate this year as part of a larger package dealing with end-of-life issues. Its passage might have made Missouri a mecca for the so-called Viking, or Jedi, funerals, which involve cremating dead bodies outside before a crowd of loved ones.

But, Parson, a Republican, nixed the idea on Friday.

"The burial of our loved ones or the disposal of their remains is deeply personal and should be treated with the utmost care and respect," Parson said in his veto letter.


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