Want to get a peek of the new St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station? Check out these new renderings.

The attraction will be open later this year, though no date has been set. Construction began in November 2017.

They also announced a $187 million price tag for the entertainment complex, an increase since the mention of a $160 million price tag and estimated May 2019 start date in Oct. 2017. About $20 million of the cost will be covered by a tax increment financing agreement and two pre-existing special taxing districts that collect a 1 percent tax on sales at Union Station.   

Visitors won’t forget that they’re also visiting the site of a former train station, which is a National Historic Landmark that opened in 1894. When they enter the aquarium, they’ll go on a 3-D virtual train reality ride that will deliver them to an area that explores the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

There, they’ll learn about fish that live in American rivers and then go to a Global Rivers area to see the creatures that live in rivers worldwide, including piranhas, doctor fish, and otters.



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