The Weird and Wonderful World of Gravois

Gravois is unique. It's a place where businesses can set up shop and last a few months, selling wares that seem impossibly specific. Others hang around for decades.

From the beginning of Gravois near downtown to the street's crossing of the city/county border just west of River Des Peres, Gravois offers arguably the quirkiest blend of businesses in the entire metro area. Nowhere else can you find a timepiece bar like Tim's Chrome Lounge in the same strip of buildings as the Miniature Museum. Used car lots inhabit tiny tracts of real estate. Head shops are found in abundance, and you'll never want for CBD if traveling Gravois. It's a road that, in the city alone, offers a chance to drink strong Albanian coffee, buy a new bike or enjoy tacos of every flavor. It's a place where hundreds of St. Louisans have invested in their dreams. Some of these entrepreneurs have made said dreams work here, others have lost the proverbial farm. But there're always more storefronts to fill, more opportunities.


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10/23/2019 - Board of Adjustment

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