Whiskey and Soba Top 5 Thread

@Amanda234 Amanda

Garganelli @PastariaSTL
Artichoke salad/cheese pizza @KatiePizzaPasta
Lobster roll (CT style) @PeacemakerSTL
M&b & spicy tuna @WasabiSushiBars
Grilled fish taco/street corn @MissionTacoSTL

@mikemp86 Michael Kemp

Veritas Burger - Veritas
Beef Wellington - Herbies
Fatty Tuna - 153 Sushi
Pork Chop - Citizen Kane
“Wow” board - Annie Gunn’s

@spyguy1108 Jim Spies

Porknado at @GioiasDeli
Black/Blue burger @lulusfoodtruck
Beef brisket (fatty end) @saltandsmokestl
Smoked Brisket wrap @LonasLilEats
Maine Lobster Roll @PeacemakerSTL

@rpmulherin Ryan Mulherin

@SardellaSTL Dinner Rolls
@Publicostl Pinto Beans 😢
@NudoHouseSTL Pick a ramen
@MacsLocalEats Classic and Rip Fries
@BalkanTreatBox Cevapi

@kelsienick0531 Kelsie Nick

Veggie/tower grove edition
@RoosterSGrand vegan slinger
@lulusfoodtruck nacho crunch wrap (and  tots)
@SweetArtSTL fried chicken (and red velvet cupcake)
Anthonino’s pesto ravioli
Everest korma and paneer

@newingham618 John • Shortcake

@SeoulTaco Tofu Burrito
@treehouse_stl big breakfast
@ThreeKingsPub pretzel melt
@SugarFireSmoke O.M.G.
#Osaka Chicago Roll

Special mention @strangedonuts #Stranger

@CellaredKatie Katie Herrera

Pho Ga — @MaiLeeSTL
Hill Tribe Stew — @LonasLilEats
Tuna (add Giardiniera) — @Bluescitydeli
Chicken Adobo — @guerrillastreet
Pizza Rosa — @LoafersSTL (and I miss all of these SO MUCH!!)

@shroomgirl Julie Ridlon

Yellowbelly brussel sprouts
Frankly Sausage fries
Olio egg salad
Confluence kombucha green curry/squash kale salad
Balkan Treat Box chicken pide
Honorable mention raisin roll at Home

@alliecdiaz allie

@guerrillastreet flying pig
@BalkanTreatBox döner
@goodfortunestl cashew chicken and general tsos both on one plate
@SouthwestDiner cornmeal pancake & grits on fire (again, sharing a plate)
@SardellaSTL used to have a pappardelle that ruled my universe

@pumafood Daniel Puma

Higado arepa - @Publicostl (RIP)
egg salad w/ white anchovy - @oliostl
beef cheeks - @sidneystcafe
tots (made with grits) - @SouthwestDiner
beef fat beet - @ViciaRestaurant

@lonesometoast Brooke Foster

Salume Beddu Nduja pizza @PastariaSTL
Flying Pig @guerrillastreet
Beet “Reuben” @LoafersSTL
Hebrew Hammer @NudoHouseSTL
“Scarlett” pastry @nathanielreid

@Tony_Be Lionel Joseph

Lady Day - Southwest Diner
Brisket sandwich - Salt n Smoke
Chicken fried rice with egg foo yung gravy in the box - Lisa’s
Kimchi Ramen - Midtown Sushi
Wilford Brimley - Layla’s

@arsonistkitten Diana Cannon

S&P Calamari at @MaiLeeSTL
The Cheeseburger at @brasserieSTL
fried chicken at @gracemeatthree
Wandering Pig at @guerrillastreet
Chicken Flautas at @MissionTacoSTL

@starkcomposer Christopher Stark

Chili Oil Wonton’s at Corner 17
Little Gem Salad at Union Loafers
Bicol Express at Guerrilla Street Food
Hot Crisp Fish at Cate Zone
Ribs at Bogart’s

@stevelwatts Fake Jim Plunkett

cheeseburger @HiPointeDriveIn
cheeseburger @MacsLocalEats
Italian cookie ice cream @ClementinesSTL
cheeseburger @SeamusMcDaniels
cheeseburger @joeybsonthehill