You Paid For It: Lambert Airport privatization

ST. LOUIS - The You Paid For It Team digging into the big questions surrounding the study of whether privatizing St. Louis Lambert International Airport is a good idea for taxpayers.

There's an army of consultant getting paid in the neighborhood of $800,000 per month to recommend to the city whether are not to go forward with Privatization.

A private organization Grow Missouri Inc. is paying for the consultants now.

But if privatization of the airport is approved taxpayers will have to reimburse that expense.


📜 Board Bills

Third Reading Consent
BB 100 Mo Hwy Airport Aid Agreement
BB 95 U.S. Bank First Amendment at Banking Concession Agreement
BB 96 Host Seventh Amended and Restated Food and Beverage
BB 99 Airport Parking Facility Services Second Amendment
First Reading
BB 19 Airport Privatization Vote
BB 77 Airport Vote Charter Amendment

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