BB 120

An Ordinance recommended and approved by the Airport Commission, the Board of Public Service and the Board of Estimate and Apportionment authorizing and directing the Director of Airports, the President of the Board of Public Service, and the Comptroller of The City of St. Louis (the "City") to enter into and execute on behalf of the City the "Memorandum Of Agreement for Expansion Of and Improvement To Inbound Baggage System and Facilities Terminal 2" (the "MOA") at St. Louis Lambert International Airport® (the "Airport"), that memorializes the agreement between the City and Southwest Airlines Company ("Southwest") under which Southwest will partially fund, contract for, administer, and manage the expansion and renovation of the Terminal 2 baggage claim area and related equipment and facilities (the "Project"), which is defined and more fully described in Section 2 of the MOA, subject to and in accordance with the terms, covenants, and conditions of the MOA that is attached hereto as ATTACHMENT "1" and made a part hereof; authorizing the Mayor, the Comptroller, the Register, the City Counselor, the President of the Board of Public Service, the Director of Airports, and other appropriate officers, agents, and employees of the City, with the advice of the Director of Airports, to enter into and execute on behalf of the City and in the City's best interest any attendant or related documents, agreements, applications, permits, amendments, affidavits, certifications, or instruments deemed necessary to effectuate the terms set forth in the MOA and/or deemed necessary to preserve and protect the City's interest, and/or to take such actions as may be necessary or appropriate in connection with the consummation of the transactions contemplated in the MOA; containing a severability clause, and containing an emergency clause.


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