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Today G & W Bavarian Style Sausage Company is run by two cousins, Bob and Gerhard Wanninger. They are descendants of Helmut and Henry Wanninger, brothers who emigrated from Regensburg, Germany to St. Louis, Missouri in 1965. Helmut and Henry were the sons of a 2nd generation German Sausage Meister in Bavaria.

Henry and Helmut brought the family’s secret recipe for Bavarian-style sausage to America and founded G & W Bavarian Style Sausage. With their partner, Otto Gummerscheimer, G & W grew to serve not only immigrants in the German-influenced South St. Louis neighborhoods, but also many local businesses.

Today G & W’s products are found on the menus of many local St. Louis restaurants and in the meat markets of various grocery stores, in addition to their own store. Their product is also sold at many festivals and local attractions, such as Grant’s Farm and Gus’s Pretzels.

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G & W Sausage Company
4828 Parker Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63116
United States

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