Help Yourself. Help Our Employees. Help Us.

You need to eat. So help yourself to our updated, and expanded menu for delivery or carry-out. This menu includes single servings and banquet-at-home (feed the family; freeze for later). On Friday, weโ€™re offering Lenten specials for lunch and dinner, including Fried Fish. Here's the Lenten Specials menu.ย 

Our employees depend on work to survive. We now help our employees by putting some of them to work as delivery drivers. You can still order for delivery via Doordash, but...

...We now offer our entire menu (including Lenten specials and banquet-at-home) for home-delivery (Doordash does not include the catering/banquet menu or Lenten specials). Our new delivery service employs our own employees as drivers. This will help our employees weather this storm. We are carefully monitoring the health and well-being of our drivers so you have greater confidence about who is delivering your food.ย 

This is a difficult time for all businesses. Restaurants are especially hard hit. Iโ€™m a proud, hard-working person. And itโ€™s difficult to say this: But I worry for the survival of my business. So Iโ€™m asking you to help us.ย 

Please...order from us. Carry-out or delivery. Lenten specials. Weโ€™re in the kitchen, ready to prepare delicious food for you and your family. Call early. Call often. Weโ€™ll be preparing 150 servings of the fish on Friday -- more than weโ€™ve ever prepared on a single day before. Help us sell โ€˜em all!

Please...buy gift-certificates. We all look forward to that day when our doors re-open and the crowds gather again. Set aside some gift certificates for that day. Your friends and loved ones are still celebrating birthdays and other occasions. Give them the Gift of LoRussoโ€™s.ย 

Please...tip generously. When you pick up that delivery order or receive that delivery, please help our employees by tipping them well. Our efforts to keep them employed canโ€™t completely offset their losses. Every dollar counts for wage-earners who are suffering right now.ย 

When we opened our doors in 1986, we dreamt of creating a family restaurant. That dream has come true. We view our employees and customers as family, and we think that feeling is mutual. This crisis threatens our family.ย 

With great humility, gratitude and love, we encourage you to do what you can to help our family weather this storm.ย 

Rich and Terri LoRusso

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