In 1957, partners Lou Aiazzi and John Riganti opened Rigazzi’s on the Northeast corner of The Hill.  Fusing their last names -- Riganti and Aiazzi (pronounced ‘Ozzie’) -- yielded the new restaurant’s name: Rigazzi’s.  The partners were pleased that Rigazzi’s resembled the Italian word ‘ragazzi,’ which loosely translates to mean ‘friends’.  They wanted their restaurant to have a friendly atmosphere; to be a place for making new friends and making memories with longstanding friends; a place where every customer would be treated like an old friend.  A tradition was instantly born.  Before the decade was up, Lou and John decided to end the partnership, and keeping true to the spirit of Rigazzi’s, they parted ways amicably.  Lou and his wife Josie assumed ownership, and the Aiazzi family continues to run Rigazzi’s to this day.

Business Status
Currently closed
Monday - Saturday: 12:00 pm-7:00 pm
Sunday: Closed
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4945 Daggett
Saint Louis, MO 63110
United States

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