SeedGeeks is an independent, family-owned heirloom seed and sustainable living company.

SeedGeeks was started by Marc and Angela Adler and naturally grew from our desire to live more sustainably, reconnect with our food sources, and help others to do the same. We strive to educate on the benefit and necessary preservation of heirloom variety seeds, seed saving, and organic gardening.

Our 50 acre heirloom seed farm serves as a trial and demonstration garden for the many varieties of seeds we offer, as well as a successful, working model for sustainable agriculture. Along with the heirloom gardens, our farm is home to honeybee hives that have ample forage of flowers and free-range chickens that provide help with pest control & composting. We strive to make use of all the abundance that our farm brings by sharing with friends & family, canning & preserving, and using much of what we produce in our products including our lip balms, soap, and raw honey.

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8816 Manchester Rd
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Saint Louis, MO 63144
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