02/01/2019: Board of Aldermen Full Board Meeting

Friday, February 01, 2019 at 10:00 AM

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Event Type: Aldermanic General Meeting
Location: Board of Aldermen Chambers Room 230
Neighborhood: City-Wide
Ward: Many Wards
Admission: Free.
Contact Phone: (314) 589-6845


📜 Board Bills

First Reading
BB 104 Redevelopment Plan for Gravois and Morganford
BB 18 Newstead West Community Improvement District
BB 19 Airport Privatization Vote
BB 25 Redevelopment Plan for 3230 Oregon
BB 26 Redevelopment Plan for 2911-15 Ohio
BB 46 Amending Redevelopment Plan for Lookaway
BB 78 MEC Ethics
Informal Calendar
BB 104 Expand Port Authority to Entirety of City Limits
Second Reading
BB 38 Carrie Ave Phase II Redevelopment
BB 39 Amending Gate District East
BB 61 Redevelopment Plan for 720-812 S. Theresa Redevelopment Plan
BB 66 An ordinance approving a Redevelopment Plan for the 1221 Locust St.
BB 70 5236 Vernon Redevelopment Plan
BB 72 Redevelopment Plan for 1528-30 Locust
BB 74 First Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement bwt City of St. Louis Missouri and Pace-Delmar Associates LLC

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