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03/14/2018: Liquor Application Hearings

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 09:30 AM

9:30AM-Juniper Restaurant, LLC d/b/a Juniper @ 4101 Laclede Ave (Full Drink, Sunday and Sidewalk Cafe).  This premise is in 17th Ward-Central West End.

10:00AM-Haunted Orb, LLC d/b/a Haunted Orb @ 1921 S 9th St (Full Drink, Sunday and Summer Garden).  This premise is located in 7th Ward-Soulard.

10:30AM-McCubbins, Inc d/b/a The Mack @ 4615 Macklind (Summer Garden).  This premise is located in 16th Ward-Southhampton.

10:45AM-Big Hen Brewing, LLC d/b/a Tribecca @ 5510 Pershing Ave (Full Drink and Sunday).  This premise is located in the 26th Ward-DeBaliviere Place.


Event Type: Meeting
Location: Excise Division
Neighborhood: Central West End,DeBaliviere Place,Soulard,Southampton
Ward: Ward 7,Ward 16,Ward 17,Ward 26
Admission: Free. Possible cost for parking
Contact Phone: 314-622-4191
More Info:

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