03/26/2019: Planned Industrial Expansion Authority (PIEA)

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 03:00 PM

Functions and responsibilities of the PIEA and PIEA board meeting dates.


The Planned Industrial Expansion Authority (PIEA) implements incentives for development of areas designated under Chapter 100 by the Board of Aldermen. Incentives may include real estate tax abatement and property acquisition, relocation and planning assistance through the use of federal, local, state or private funds. PIEA can also issue revenue bonds to assist in the financing of larger projects.

Meetings will be held in the Board Room of the St. Louis Development Corporation, 1520 Market Street, Suite 2000, at 3:00 p.m., on the Tuesday of the last full week of each month.

The following meeting schedule is subject to change. Please check the public meetings calendar for the most current schedule.

Event Type: Meeting
Location: Board Room
Neighborhood: City-Wide
Ward: Many Wards
Admission: Free.
Contact Phone: (314) 657-3771


📜 Board Bills

First Reading
BB 142 2633-35 Allen Redevelopment
BB 23 Redevelopment Plan for 1920 N Broadway
BB 25 Redevelopment Plan for 3230 Oregon
BB 46 Amending Redevelopment Plan for Lookaway
Second Reading
BB 39 Amending Gate District East

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