06/18/2019: Liquor License Application Hearings

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 09:00 AM

9:00 a.m.-Nippon Tei Corporation-d/b/a Indo-1641 Tower Grove Ave -(Full Drink/Sunday Drink and Summer Garden)-Achara Bognar, Mgr.-19th Ward-McRee Town neighborhood-2nd Police District.

9:20 a.m.-Euclid Salt & Smoke LLC d/b/a Salt & Smoke-392-394 N Euclid Ave-(Full Drink/Sunday and Summer Garden)-Thomas Schmidt, Mgr-28th Ward-Central West End neighborhood-5th Police District.

9:40 a.m.-Shreena's Inc d/b/a PX Store-4938 Natural Bridge Ave-(Full Package and Sunday)-Prasand J. Patel, Mgr.-1st Ward-Kingsway East neighborhood-6th Police District.

10:00 a.m.-Chipotle Mexican Grill of Colorado LLC-d/b/a Chipotle Mexician Grill-212 S Grand Blvd-(Full Drink/Sunday and Summer Garden)-Lorene Epple, Mgr.-19th Ward-Midtown neighborhood-4th police District.

10:20 a.m.-AO & CO LLC-d/b/a AO & CO-1641A Tower Grove Ave-(Full Drink/Sunday & Summer Garden)-Ben Peremba, Mgr.-19th Ward-McRee Town neighborhood-2nd police district.

10:40 a.m.-Tempus Restaurant LLC-d/b/a Tempus-4370 Manchester Ave-(Full Drink/Sunday & Sidewalk Cafe)-Peter Brickler, Mgr.-17th Ward-Forest Park Southeast neighborhood-2nd police district.

11:00 a.m.-Kings Mart Enterprises Inc-d/b/a Dr. King Market-6116 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr-(Full Package and Sunday)-Arthur Feldewerth, Mgr.-22nd Ward-Hamilton Heights neighborhood-5th police district.

Event Type: Meeting
Neighborhood: Central West End,Forest Park Southeast,Hamilton Heights,Kingsway East,Midtown
Ward: Ward 1,Ward 17,Ward 19,Ward 22,Ward 28
Admission: Free.
Contact Phone: (314) 622-4191


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