06/27/2019: Transportation & Commerce Meeting

Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Board Bills:

#19: Airport Privatization Vote - Cara Spencer - An Ordinance requiring a City-wide vote to approve any proposal aimed at or having the effect of privatizing the St. Louis Lambert International Airport (the "Airport") by the City's renting, leasing ...

#56: 2019 Capital Improvement Projects St. Louis Lambert Airport - Marlene E Davis - An Ordinance recommended and approved by the Airport Commission, the Board of Public Service, and the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, establishing and authorizing a multi-year public work and imp...

#57: Airport Best Taxi Service Shared Ride Shuttle Agreement - Marlene E Davis - An Ordinance recommended and approved by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment authorizing and directing the Director of Airports and the Comptroller of the City of St. Louis (the "City"), owner and...

Event Type: Aldermanic Committee Meeting
Location: Leisure Room 230
Neighborhood: City-Wide
Ward: Many Wards
Admission: Free.
Contact Phone: (314) 622-3287

Aldermanic Session

📜 Board Bills

Third Reading Consent
BB 100 Mo Hwy Airport Aid Agreement
BB 95 U.S. Bank First Amendment at Banking Concession Agreement
BB 96 Host Seventh Amended and Restated Food and Beverage
BB 99 Airport Parking Facility Services Second Amendment
First Reading
BB 19 Airport Privatization Vote
BB 77 Airport Vote Charter Amendment

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Public Safety Committee Hearing
Board of Aldermen Full Board Meeting
Airport Advisory Working Group
Legislation Committee Meeting
11/06/2019 - Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Committee Meeting

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