09/14/2018: Full Board Meeting


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Board Bills

BB 100 2018-2019 Board Bill 100 -- directing the Director of the Department of Human Services, by and through the St. Louis Area Agency on Aging, to accept a Grant Award from St. Louis City Senior Services Fund stlouis-mo.gov
BB 103 condemnation by the City of St. Louis to acquire a site consisting of about 97 acres in North St. Louis near the intersection of Jefferson and Cass Avenues which is owned in fee simple by LCRA Holdings Corporation (LCRAH), stlouis-mo.gov
BB 104 An ordinance enlarging the boundaries of the Port Authority of the City of St. Louis Port District, subject to the approval of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, and authorizing certain actions in connection therewith. stlouis-mo.gov
BB 105 BB105 Introduced by Alderman Kennedy An ordinance authorizing and directing the Mayor on behalf of the City of St. Louis, to submit all necessary applications and to enter into agreements with the Missouri Foundation for Health (Grant # 18-0136-OF-1 stlouis-mo.gov
BB 106 BB106 Introduced by Alderman Muhammad Pursuant to Ordinance 68937, an ordinance authorizing the honorary naming of streets, Harry's Place Way will begin at the intersection of Pope Ave. and West Florissant Ave., and run west on Pope Ave. to the inter stlouis-mo.gov
BB 107 repealing Ordinance 65698, approved November 20, 2022, naming certain streets located withi stlouis-mo.gov
BB 108 An Ordinance directing the Director of Streets to permanently close, barricade, or otherwise impede the flow of traffic on east/west alley-way in City Block 5000 Block, bounded by Robin, Lillian, Riverview and Theodore at a point on said stlouis-mo.gov
BB 109 Disconnected youth task force stlouis-mo.gov
BB 21 Operating Lease Agreement for West End Community Center stlouis-mo.gov
BB 21

Board Bill No. 21 | Session 2018-2019

BB 25

An ordinance submitting to the qualified voters of the City a proposed amendment to the Charter of the City to maintain the Board of Alde