10/31/2018: Liquor License Application Hearings

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 09:00 AM

9:00 am-Schnuck Market Inc d/b/a Schnucks-located at 7057 Chippewa Ave (Full Package, Sunday Package and Tasting Permit)-Jed E. Pennex, Mgr.-located in the 16th Ward-Lindenwood Park neighborhood.  

9:15 am-Bighen Brew LLC d/b/a The Soulard Steelyard-located at ??? Victor aka 2424 S 9th St (22% Drink and 22% Sunday Drink)-Martin K. Hennessey, Mgr.-located in the 7th Ward-Soulard neighborhood.

9:30 am-Sodexo Operations LLC d/b/a Sodexo Operations-located at 20 N Grand Blvd (Full Drink and Sunday)-Lorene Epple, Mgr.-located in the 19th Ward-Midtown neighborhood.

9:45 am-Rockwell Beer Company LLC d/b/a Rockwell Beer Co-located at 1300-20 S Vandeventer Ave aka 1400 Kentucky Ave (Full Drink/Sunday/Microbrewery and Summer Garden)-Andrew Hille. Mgr.-located in the 17th Ward-McRee Town neighborhood.

10:00 am-Bon Appetit Management Company d/b/a EPNEC-located at 320 S. Euclid Ave (Full Drink and Sunday) Lorene Epple, Mgr.-located in the 17th Ward-Central West End neighborhood.

10:30 am-KB Special Events LLC d/b/a The Chocolate Pig & Market- located at 4220 Duncan Ave Unit A & B (Full Drink/Sunday and Summer Garden permit)Nicholas A. Jovanovic, Mgr. -located in the 17th Ward-Central West End neighborhood. 

Event Type: Meeting
Neighborhood: Central West End,Lindenwood Park,Midtown,Soulard
Ward: Ward 7,Ward 16,Ward 17,Ward 19
Admission: Charge. for parking meters and/or parking lot; all liquor hearings are free to attend.
Contact Phone: (314) 622-4191


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Liquor License Application Hearings
Liquor License Application Hearings
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