Apollo 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Party

Saint Louis Science Center

Welcome to our Apollo 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Party! Join us at this free all-day event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing! Meet aeronautics and astronautics professionals, including Moon landing experts, and discover more about the science, technology, ingenuity and effort involved in getting us to the Moon and back! Explore what it might take to get us back to the Moon and beyond!

Check out these free features and activities today!

    Special commemorative sticker. (while supplies last)
    Astronaut in Training activity program.
    Rocket launch competition.
    Meet and greet with engineers and eyewitnesses from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs.
    Drone demonstrations.
    Solar telescope viewing.
    Aviation challenges.
    Create craters, lunar rovers and landers.
    Moon and Mars presentations.
    Coffee drinking and growing plants in space.
    Viewing historic Apollo memorabilia.
    Gyro Ball and inflatable Rocket Crawl experience.
    Lunar Lager and Moon Walker Whiskey sampling.
    Sign up to send your name to Mars with the Mars 2020 Rover!


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