Board of Aldermen Full Board Meeting

The full membership of the Board of Aldermen will meet to review and discuss various items. 

Event Type: Aldermanic General Meeting
When: Friday, February 21, 2020 at 10:00 AM
Location: Board of Aldermen Chambers Room 230
Neighborhood: City-Wide
Ward: Many Wards
Admission: Free.
Contact Phone: (314) 622-3287

Aldermanic Session

📜 Board Bills

Informal Calendar
BB 107 Police Districts
BB 11 Ward Reduction
First Reading
BB 141 Tow Trucks
BB 173 Chapter 99 Redevelopment Plan Goodfellow/ West Florissant Scatterd Sites
BB 177 Redevelopment Plan for 5311-6123 and 5302-6122 Dr Martin Luther King
BB 182 La Saison Scatterd Sites Development Area
BB 183 4500 - 4540 Swan Redevelopment Plan
BB 185 North 2nd Street development Area
BB 192

Amendment to Ground Lease

BB 200 City of St. Louis Employee Pay Bill
BB 202 Port District Lease Near Tyler Street
BB 215 Authorizes the Master Redevelopment Agreement for the Soccer Stadium Redevelopment Area
BB 216 The Soccer Stadium Redevelopment Area and Plan LCRA Law
BB 224 Vacation of Alley 7th and Olive Streets
BB 225 Improvements 900 N. Tucker
BB 226 Improvements to InterCo Plaza
BB 227 Storage of Tires
BB 228 Repealing Section Two Ordinance 70714 Sheriff's Department
BB 229 Sterile Syringe Program
BB 230 Governing the delivery of paraphernalia for the employees and volunteers of organizations recognized by the Missouri Department of Mental Health as Recovery Community Centers
Second Reading
BB 178 Annual TIF Bill 2019
BB 207 2019-2020 Election Efficiency Grant awarded by the Missouri Secretary of State (the SOS)

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