Board Bill 200 Community Q and A

[Board Bill 200 Community Q&A
Tue, Dec 29, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
St. Louis
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Event details
* Location: Zoom (see details below)
* Guest: Alderman Tom Oldenburg (BB 200 sponsor)
* Hosted by: St Louis Hills Neighborhood Association

 * Link:

Dial In: 1-312-626-6799
Meeting ID: 852 6100 8460
Passcode: 701397
One tap mobile:

Questions must be submitted in writing - in advance or during the meeting. To submit your questions in advance, email (we will acknowledge receipt of your email).
To avoid zoom-bombing, questions by audio will not be possible during the meeting.
Priority will be given to questions that are not already answered by the text of the board bill (see below).

Be on time! Attendance will be locked shortly after the meeting begins (again, to help stop people who just want to be a disturbance).
Maximum attendance is 100 people.

This meeting is not for people to communicate support or opposition to the bill.  Support and opposition can be communicated at the Jan 5th Aldermanic Public Safety Committee meeting:

We urge everyone to listen to this 30 min radio program (aired before the bill was introduced):

And here is the bill as it was introduced on Dec 11th:](


📜 Board Bills

Final Passage
BB 48 Small Wireless Facilities Amend
First Reading
BB 94 Surveillance Technology

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Lion's Choice Chippewa Drive-Thru
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📜 Board Bills

BB 200 - Community Support Program Perfection
Informal Calendar
BB 95 - City Surveillance Technology Regulations Informal Calendar
Resolution 24

Resolution 24 AA (As Amended) sponsored by Ald. Tom Oldenburg (16th).

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