EatUpSTL - Summer 2019

Summer 2019's will be held at Hodak's, famous for their chicken since 1962.

Everyone is welcome to join . We explore historic restaurants around the St. Louis area - a different one each quarter.

A St. Louis institution so popular you have to line up on a ramp, amusement-park-style, while you wait for a table. They use an old family chicken recipe that has sustained and fueled their popularity for more than 50 years. They've held the Riverfront Times title for Best Fried Chicken in the St. Louis Area for more than 25 years. Their fried chicken is the main attraction here - more than a few claim it's the city's best - but their wings also have a cult following.

Hodakโ€™s started as a corner bar. The proprietorโ€™s wife used to bring in fried chicken for the customers, and the customers liked it so much that it became part of the barโ€™s attraction and is now the primary reason most people come to eat here.

For $7.35 you get a half-chicken fried to a crisp, golden brown, the surface uniformly crunchy, the meat tender. Hodak's also features fried fish, chicken-fried steak and even fried frog legs. Those seeking a non-fried meal will find steaks and barbecue as well as sandwiches, burgers and daily lunch specials.

This will be a group dinner, dutch treat - everyone paying for their own tab. There will not be a restricted menu - so enjoy all they have to offer. Click here to view the Hodak's menu.

When you arrive at Hodak's, tell them you're with and they will direct you to a special reserved area for our group.



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