Mar 5, 2019 Primary Municipal Election

Primary Municipal Election - (City-Wide Local Election)

Important Dates

    11/26/18: Filing begins
    01/04/19: Filing ends
    01/22/19: Absentee voting begins
    02/06/19: Last day to register for this election
    02/27/19: Last day to request an absentee ballot
    03/04/19: Last day to vote absentee in person
    03/05/19: Election date

More Info
List of Candidates

    Unofficial List of Candidates  (Rev. 12-6-18) (36.11 KB pdf)

More Documents

    Candidate Positions (10.20 KB pdf)

Election Resources

    Polls Open at 6 AM and Close at 7 PM
    Find your polling place
    Register to vote
    About absentee ballots

The November 6, 2018 General Election Ballot will include the candidates for the St. Louis City School Board Election.



📜 Board Bills

Second Reading
BB 207 2019-2020 Election Efficiency Grant awarded by the Missouri Secretary of State (the SOS)
First Reading
BB 27 Candidate Declaration Requirement
BB 40 Campaign Donor Contract
BB 41 Campaign Finance Donor
BB 42 Campaign Lobbyist Gifts

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