Mayoral Debates/Forums This Week

6-8 pm Monday, January 18Debate on LGBT Issues Hosted/Sponsored by Maxi Glamour & Qu’artSubmit Questions hereWatch on Twitch 7-9 pm Tuesday, January 19St. Louis Young Democrats DebateSubmit Questions hereWatch on Facebook 1:30 pm Thursday, January 21stCandidate Forum on Homelessness Issues Sponsored by St. Louis Continuum of CareWatch on Facebook ____ Saturday, January 23rdSt. Louis Women’s … Continue reading Mayoral Debates/Forums This Week

📜 Board Bills

Second Reading
BB 207 2019-2020 Election Efficiency Grant awarded by the Missouri Secretary of State (the SOS)
First Reading
BB 27 Candidate Declaration Requirement
BB 40 Campaign Donor Contract
BB 41 Campaign Finance Donor
BB 42 Campaign Lobbyist Gifts

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