Tax Increment Financing Commission Board Meeting

πŸ“œ Board Bills

Second Reading
BB 156 Expansion of St. Louis Square, Inc. operations
BB 164 Eliminating the Lafayette Square Historic District and the 5700 Arsenal Special Allocation Funds
BB 165 Eliminating the Hadley Dean Building Special Allocation Fund
BB 178 Annual TIF Bill 2019
Final Passage
BB 157 Tax Increment Financing for the 900 N. Tucker Redevelopment Project
BB 158 Authorizing the Issuance of Revenue Notes
BB 159 900 N. Tucker Blvd Redevelopment Area
BB 168 Forest Park Transit Oriented Development Redevelopment Are
BB 169 Pearl Capital Management LLC
BB 170 Tax Increment Revenue Notes for the Forest Park Transit Oriented Development
First Reading
BB 225 Improvements 900 N. Tucker
BB 226 Improvements to InterCo Plaza
BB 69 TIF Northeast Hampton/I-44 Redevelopment Project

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