Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku discusses new book "The God Equation" with Left Bank Books

Michio Kaku, renowned theoretical physicist and #1 New York Times bestselling author of "The Future of the Mind" and "The Future of Humanity," tells the story of the greatest quest in all of science.

When Newton discovered the law of gravity, he unified the rules governing the heavens and the Earth. Since then, physicists have been placing new forces into ever-grander theories. But perhaps the ultimate challenge is achieving a monumental synthesis of the two remaining theories—relativity and the quantum theory. This would be the crowning achievement of science, a profound merging of all the forces of nature into one beautiful, magnificent equation to unlock the deepest mysteries in science: What happened before the Big Bang? What lies on the other side of a black hole? Are there other universes and dimensions? Is time travel possible? Why are we here? Kaku also explains the intense controversy swirling around this theory, with Nobel laureates taking opposite sides on this vital question. It is a captivating, gripping story; what’s at stake is nothing less than our conception of the universe. Written with Kaku’s trademark enthusiasm and clarity, this epic and engaging journey is the story of "The God Equation."

"[R]iveting work … Kaku’s expertise at making mind-bending concepts comprehensible makes this a real intellectual eye-opener.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“An expert account … a veteran science writer, theoretical physicist, and lucid educator, Kaku wisely begins with ancient history, providing an illuminating minihistory of physics … an important work about an ongoing quest.” —Kirkus

About the Author

Michio Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York, co-founder of string field theory, and the author of several widely acclaimed science books, including "Beyond Einstein," "The Future of Humanity," "The Future of the Mind," "Hyperspace," "Physics of the Future," and "Physics of the Impossible." He is the science correspondent for CBS This Morning, the host of the radio programs "Science Fantastic" and "Exploration," and a host of several science TV specials for the BBC and the Discovery and Science Channels.

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