01/19/2018: Downtown St. Louis Multimodal Study Open House
01/19/2018: Full Board Meeting
01/19/2018: Full Board Meeting - At close of meeting Board will go into Closed Session
01/20/2018: Selkirk Winter Eclectic Auction
01/22/2018: Preservation Board Meeting
01/23/2018: Streets, Traffic & Refuse Committee Meeting
01/23/2018: Legislation Committee & Public Utilities Committee
01/23/2018: Board of Public Service Regular Meeting
01/23/2018: Land Clearance Redevelopment Authority
01/23/2018: Planned Industrial Expansion Authority
01/24/2018: SLATE's Workforce Wednesdays
01/24/2018: Benchmarking 101 Training
01/24/2018: Board of Adjustment Hearing
01/25/2018: Conditional Use Hearing
01/25/2018: Workforce Wednesdays on Thursdays
01/25/2018: Transportation and Commerce-Northside-Southside Light Rail Study Update/Orientation on Airport Operations
01/25/2018: Transportation and Commerce - Orientation on Airport orientations
01/25/2018: Transportation and Commerce-Northside-Southside Light Rail Study Update
01/25/2018: Board of Building Appeals
01/25/2018: FRP BOT Meeting
01/25/2018: RFP Selection Committee for Hearing Officers for FRP
01/25/2018: Advances in the Conceptualization and Measurement of Race-Related Stress
01/26/2018: Full Board Meeting
01/29/2018: ERS Board of Trustees