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  •     NGA delivers the strategic intelligence that allows the president and national policymakers to make crucial decisions on counterterrorism, weapons of mass destruction, global political crises and more.
  •     NGA enables the warfighter to plan missions, gain battlefield superiority, precisely target the adversary and protect our military forces.
  •     NGA provides timely warnings to the warfighter and national decision makers by monitoring, analyzing and reporting imminent threats. Often, NGA has the only “eyes” focused on global hot spots and can give unique insight into these critical areas.
  •     NGA protects the homeland by supporting counterterrorism, counternarcotics, and border and transportation security. NGA supports security planning for special events, such as presidential inaugurations, state visits by foreign leaders, international conferences and major public events (Olympics, Super Bowls, satellite launchings, etc.).
  •     NGA ensures safety of navigation in the air and on the seas by maintaining the most current information and highest quality services for U.S. military forces and global transport networks.
  •     NGA defends the nation against cyber threats by supporting other intelligence agencies with in-depth analysis of cyber networks.
  •     NGA creates and maintains the geospatial foundation data, knowledge and analysis that enable all other missions.
  •     NGA assists humanitarian and disaster relief efforts by working directly with the lead federal agencies responding to fires, floods, earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes or other natural or manmade disasters.
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