Board of Public Service

The Board of Public Service is defined by Article XIII of the City Charter. By Charter, the Board of Public Service has authority over "permits for use of public places", for "permits for private provided by ordinance", "grants and dedications of property", "establishment of (road) grades", and "City engineering, construction, and re-construction".

Members of the Board

The Board of Public Service is comprised of the Board President and the Directors of these City Departments:

Curtis Skouby
Director, Department of Public Utilities and Water Commissioner
(314) 633-9000

Greg Hayes
Director, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry
(314) 289-5300

Irene Agustin
Director of Human Services
(314) 657-1702

Jamie Wilson
Director, Department of Streets
(314) 647-3111 Ext. 1108

Jimmie Edwards
Director, Department of Public Safety
(314) 622-3391

Richard T. Bradley, P.E.
President, Board of Public Service
(314) 589-6645

Cherise Jones
Secretary, Board of Public Service
(314) 622-4627


Cherise Jones
Board of Public Service
1200 Market Street
Saint Louis, MO 63103
United States

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