Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Committee

Considers all matters pertaining to housing, urban development and zoning, including the Community Development Agency and Commission, the St. Louis Development Corporation and the appropriation and disbursement of all federal monies administered by said agencies.


Aldermanic Committee
Ways and Means
1200 Market Street
Saint Louis, MO 63103
United States


Board Bills

First Reading
BB 25 Redevelopment Plan for 3230 Oregon stlouis-mo.gov
BB 46 Amending Redevelopment Plan for Lookaway stlouis-mo.gov
Second Reading
BB 38 Carrie Ave Phase II Redevelopment stlouis-mo.gov
BB 39 Amending Gate District East stlouis-mo.gov
BB 61 Redevelopment Plan for 720-812 S. Theresa Redevelopment Plan stlouis-mo.gov
BB 66 An ordinance approving a Redevelopment Plan for the 1221 Locust St. stlouis-mo.gov
BB 70 5236 Vernon Redevelopment Plan stlouis-mo.gov
BB 72 Redevelopment Plan for 1528-30 Locust stlouis-mo.gov
BB 74 First Amendment to Redevelopment Agreement bwt City of St. Louis Missouri and Pace-Delmar Associates LLC stlouis-mo.gov