St. Louis Downtown Airport


The airport opened in 1929 as Curtiss-Steinberg Airport, later being renamed Curtiss-Parks Airport in 1940, followed by Parks Metropolitan Airport later that same year. The airport served as a pilot training airfield during World War II, with Parks Air College conducting basic flying training primarily in Fairchild PT-19s. The airport closed in 1959 and reopened six years later as Bi-State Parks Airport, upon being purchased by Bi-State Development. It was renamed St. Louis Downtown-Parks Airport in 1984 and received its current name in 1999, as the airport sought to emphasize its easy accessibility to downtown St. Louis.

Today, St. Louis Downtown Airport (KCPS) is one of the most active airports in the region. Though rich in history (two of the airportโ€™s original four hangars, Hangars One and Two, are currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places), St. Louis Downtown Airport is dedicated to building on its bold future. Learn more about our history here.

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