* Editor's Note: Amendment was voter approved to the Charter of the City of St. Louis enacting a new Article XXVI requiring voter approval of land transactions concerning City parks.

Section 1 - Real estate for use as a public park.

Any real estate, now or hereafter owned by the City or any agency or instrumentality of the City, which is principally used or held out for use as a public park, shall not be sold, leased, given away or otherwise disposed of, and shall be used only as a public park, nor shall any structure be built in any such park to accommodate activities not customarily associated with park use or outdoor recreation, unless such sale, lease, disposal, gift or structure is approved by a majority of the qualified electors voting thereon.

Section 2 - Intention of board of aldermen.

    The clerk of the board of aldermen shall certify to the board of election commissioners the intention of board of aldermen to authorize such sale, lease, disposal or change of use, together with the proposed ordinance for that purpose, to the board of election commissioners. Said board of election commissioners shall thereupon provide for submitting said proposed ordinance, in its original form, to the voters at the first election at which such submission may lawfully be had, but not less than thirty days after such certification to it by the clerk of the board of aldermen.



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duplicate this for all Capital Assets of a certain value. Airport, Water, etc.

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