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About the Petition to Establish a Board of Freeholders:

What is it?

This petition, Article VI, will allow the residents in Saint Louis City and Saint Louis County to have a voice by establishing a Board of Freeholders/Electors. To convene the Board of Freeholders/Electors, 15,000 signatures are required from registered voters in the County and 5,000 signatures from voters in the City.

The Better Together Task Force has currently proposed that the proposal, to merge Saint Louis City and Saint Louis County, be held to a state-wide vote. We, the residents of Saint Louis County and Saint Louis City, need to have a voice in this process.  By establishing a Board of Freeholders/Electors, the residents of St. Louis City and County would be able express their views on the governmental structure under which they choose to live, in an open, public and transparent forum. Thus far, they have not had that opportunity.

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