Downtown St. Louis – Transportation Study

The Downtown Multimodal Study is one component of a three part Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ Grant) project of the City of St. Louis. The project also includes Traffic Information Center Staffing, as well as a System Buildout. The Downtown Multimodal Study component includes a signal timing plan, developing recommendations for a robust multimodal transportation network, as well as a Protected Bike Network Plan.

The Downtown Multimodal Study (and larger CMAQ project) began in February 2017. The purpose of the Downtown Multimodal Study is to develop a robust multimodal transportation plan for Downtown St. Louis, that can be used to leverage potential future federal funding and implement transportation projects. The project came to fruition after many changes to the Downtown street grid initiated the need to look at how traffic flows, as well as how other modes connect to, from and within Downtown. The New Mississippi River Bridge (Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge) opened in 2014, which altered interstate access to Downtown. Additionally, the City+Arch+River project connected the Downtown core to the Arch Grounds. Those two major projects, coupled with the growing interest in bike commuting in St. Louis, as well as the desire to enhance the pedestrian experience and encourage transit, resulted in the incorporation of the Downtown Multimodal Study with this City of St. Louis CMAQ project. Finally, completing this study in conjunction with network design, and Traffic Information Center staffing, offer the team a unique ability to be sure elements included within the plan, are workable in the field for future implementation. For more on project goals, please see ‘Vision, Goals, Objectives’ section.


The City project manager is Dan Buschmeyer, PE at the City of St. Louis Board of Public Service (BPS). CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners is the prime consultant working on this effort A list of individuals working on this project is included below.

City of St. Louis:

    Dan Buschmeyer, PE – Project Manager (BPS)
    Steven J. Coffey, AIA, LEED AP (BPS)
    John Kohler, PE (BPS)
    Jamie Wilson, PE, PTOE (Street Director)
    Deanna Venker, PE (Traffic Commissioner)
    Mike Bertolini (Traffic Division)

CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners:

    Srinivasa Yanamanamanda, PE, PTOE, PTP – Project Manager
    Shawn Leight, PE, PTOE, PTP – Project Manager: Downtown Multimodal Study
    Jacque Lumsden – Public Engagement Lead
    Mike Dolde, PE, PTOE – Project Manager: Traffic Information Center & Network Design
    Jon Deves, PE, PTOE – Signal Timing Lead

Alta Planning + Design:

    Paul Wojciechowski, AICP, PE – Bike Plan Lead
    Laura Murray, AICP – Bike Plan



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