MSDIS Open Data Portal

MSDIS maintains an ESRI Open Data Portal page to distribute the latest Missouri GIS data. The MSDIS Open Data page provides a searchable download interface for important statewide data that have been recently developed by our partner agencies.
The Missouri Map

MSDIS has designed and maintained several different applications for downloading imagery, elevation, and LiDAR data. For convenience, we have also developed The Missouri Map, a central application that collects all of our existing download tools into a single interactive mapping interface.
The MSDIS Data Archive

For older data that may not make sense to include in newer distribution platforms or be compatible with the modern needs of GIS professionals, MSDIS uses a file archive. In addition to older data, the MSDIS Archive collects all of the data that MSDIS distributes, including all of the files available through the Open Data Portal and The Missouri Map.


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