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OneSTL is a plan for sustainable development that includes a Vision, Goals and Objectives that outline a sustainable future for the St. Louis region as well as Strategies, Tools and Resources for achieving the that vision.

OneSTL (a regional plan for sustainable development)

OneSTL is a collaboration to encourage and support greater sustainability within the eight-county St. Louis region. The effort began in 2010 when eleven organizations partnered on a grant to create a regional plan for sustainable development. To learn more click on the following link Background. The plan was completed in 2013 and laid out a vision for a prosperous, healthy, and vibrant region. In 2014, the OneSTL Network was established to give organizations and individuals the opportunity to share ideas, expertise, and resources to meet our regional sustainability goals.

As a result of a regional sustainability summit held in 2017, members of the OneSTL Network self-organized into six Working Groups focusing on specific targets:

Everyone is invited to join the OneSTL Network. Simply click here and register. If you are interested in joining a Working Group, let us know via the email listed below.

For more information or questions, contact us at

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