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COVID-19 Resources for Families / School Sites for Student Meal Support

School Sites for Student Meal Support: Saint Louis Schools' Pandemic Meal Plan

The following schools and sites below will serve meals free of charge for all St. Louis children 18 and younger from 8am to noon, Monday through Friday for the dates listed. No student ID is required. Grab-and-go meals are available for students, but students cannot stay at the school to eat them because of social distancing guidance from state and local health agencies.

Above are student meal distribution sites. Distribution at each site will occur in the gymnasium. Please click on the name of the school for Google Maps directions.

Click here for a flyer for distribution: Englishย โ™ฆย Frenchย โ™ฆย Dariย โ™ฆย Nepaliย โ™ฆ Spanishย โ™ฆ Swahiliย โ™ฆย Arabicย โ™ฆย Vietnameseย 



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