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Fly314 Community Outreach - Clergy Coalition

09/19/2018: Board of Adjustment

Please Turn In Applications For Board of Freeholders Appointment NOW!

Sept. 26th Meeting On Bus Service Reduction @ Central Library

Congratulations, Rasheen Aldridge, Our Next 78th District State Rep.

Monday Preservation Agenda: Items In Compton Hill & Lafayette Square

Monday Soulard Safety Meeting

Wednesday Liquor License Hearing: Q’bricks Drinkery @ Preservation Hall

4 pm Thursday For Our Future, End The Violence Rally @ City Hall

Saturday Census Job Fair

Noon Today Mothers March To End Gun Violence

Apply Today For Board Of Freeholders

4:30 PM Tonight/Tuesday UAW Strike Solidarity Action

78th District Absentee Voting Begins Tuesday

Oct 9th Voter Registration Deadline for Nov 5th Special Election: 78th Dist

Monday Hearing on Mayor’s Freeholders Nominees

7th Ward Committeewoman Resigns

Tuesday-Wednesday City & County Meetings on Board of Freeholders Nominees

Update: 78th District Election

Tuesday Debate Watch Parties

CANCELLED. Mayor’s Freeholders might get confirmed Today/Wednesday

Mayor’s Freeholders might get confirmed Today/Wednesday

This Week’s Airport Privatization Meetings

7th Ward Halloween Goings On

UPDATE: 78th District Special Election

4 pm Tonight Preservation Agenda: 2 Benton Park, 2 LafSq Items + Closed Meeting

Airport Privatization So-Called Community Meetings This Week

Tuesday- Vote Rasheen Aldridge, 78th Dist State Rep

Monday Night Soulard Safety Forum

Tuesday Airport Privatization Closed Meeting. Again.

Tuesday Board Of Freeholders Meeting. Sorta.

Wednesday Liquor License Hearing For Protagonist Cafe

Thursday Airport Privatization Meeting #1: City’s Privatization Advisory Group

Thursday Airport Privatization Meeting #2: Town Hall @ Central Library

Monday (Police) Civilian Oversight Board Meeting

Preservation Board Meeting


Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority

Conditional Use Hearing

Board of Adjustment

Liquor License Application Hearings

Special LCRA Board Meeting

10/09/2019: Board of Adjustment

10/03/2019: Conditional Use Hearing

10/02/2019: Board of Adjustment

10/02/2019: Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Committee Meeting

10/09/2019 - Liquor License Application Hearings

10/02/2019: LRA Commission Meeting - Rescheduled

09/12/2019: Conditional Use Hearing

03/20/2019: Board of Adjustment

04/17/2019: Board of Adjustment

04/18/2019: Board of Building Appeals

04/23/2019: Land Clearance Redevelopment Authority

05/29/2019: Hearings on Liquor License Applications

06/12/2019: Board of Adjustment

Hearings on Liquor License Applications

07/02/2019: Ways & Means

07/18/2019: Conditional Use Hearing

07/22/2019: Preservation Board Meeting

07/31/2019: Board of Adjustment

08/08/2019: Conditional Use Hearing

08/07/2019: Hearings on Liquor License Applications

08/22/2019: Liquor License Application Hearings

08/27/2019: Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority

08/28/2019: Liquor License Application Hearings

08/14/2019: Hearings on Liquor License Applications

06/12/2019: LCRA Special Board Meeting

06/12/2019: Liquor License Application Hearings

07/17/2019: Hearings on Liquor License Applications

07/10/2019: Board of Adjustment

07/02/2019: Housing, Urban Development & Zoning

06/19/2019: Housing Urban Development Meeting

04/03/2019: Liquor License Application Hearings

02/26/2019: Liquor License Application Hearings

10/22/2018: Preservation Board Monthly Meeting

01/16/2019: Housing Urban Development Meeting

10/31/2018: Liquor License Application Hearings

11/20/2018: Hearings on Liquor License Applications

12/18/2018: Land Clearance Redevelopment Authority

12/27/2018: Hearings on Liquor License Applications

12/18/2018: Hearings on Liquor License Applications

09/25/2018: Conditional Use Hearing

09/06/2018: Conditional Use Hearing

Big Muddy Blues Festival


Jack Coatar