Dicamba Goes On Trial: The History Behind Monsanto’s Friendship-Wilting Weed Killer

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Five years ago, the owner of Missouri’s largest peach farm started noticing damage to his orchard. A year later, Bader Farms estimated a loss of more than 30,000 trees. A lawsuit filed by the farm in 2016 alleges Monsanto, now owned by Bayer, and herbicide maker BASF Corp. are to blame because the weed killer drifted from other fields. Both companies deny the allegations. That suit, which seeks $21 million in damages, will be heard in federal court starting Monday in Cape Girardeau. It will be the first of several dicamba-related suits against the corporations to go to trial.

Schlafly CEO Fran Caradonna Discusses 30 Years In St. Louis' Craft Beer Scene

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In 1990, Fran Caradonna and her then-husband upended St. Louis’ beer scene by starting a distributorship. They wanted to give local drinkers a choice beyond Anheuser-Busch — and, when Schlafly Beer was founded a year later, the Caradonnas’ company naturally became its distributor. They helped introduce St. Louis to many new craft beer brands, helping to shake up what once felt like a near-monopoly for A-B. And, after the Caradonnas sold their company to Major Brands, they started a craft brewery of their own: O’Fallon Brewery, which they also later sold.

Friday: Downtown St. Louis Is Brighter And 'Smarter' — Here's Why

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This interview will be live on “St. Louis on the Air” over the 11 a.m. hour Friday. This story will be updated after the show. You can listen live . The streets of downtown St. Louis are looking brighter — and more energy efficient — thanks to technology developed by Hazelwood-based Labyrinth Technologies. The local company developed a custom lighting solution as part of a $4 million Downtown STL Inc. project to brand downtown and improve public safety. The initiative includes the installation of more than 2,300 curved, colorful light strips with "smart technology.” The system of different sensors that collect data are referred to as the Internet of Things.

All-Star Bash Adds To St. Louis Blues Unprecedented Run

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The St. Louis Blues will play host to the National Hockey League’s All-Star festivities this weekend for only the third time in the team’s history. And this year’s celebration of all things hockey comes with the Blues sitting at the top of the mountain as Stanley Cup champions and this season's Western Conference points leader. It's beautiful. #NHLAllStar pic.twitter.com/NY2lHg7inH — St. Louis Blues (@StLouisBlues) January 16, 2020 “Everybody wants a piece of the Blues. Hockey’s never been bigger here. Yeah, winning the Cup helps,” said Cam Janssen, a former player and current St. Louis sports radio talk-show host. He brings a unique perspective to the festivities, which culminate Saturday night with a three-on-three tournament at Enterprise Center with many of the best players in the world. Janssen is from St. Louis and went to Eureka High School. He says the game is in a strong position in the region after enduring some tough times. "It went through different phases," Janssen said.

St. Louis Public Library Puts Finishing Touches On Plans For New Makerspace At Barr

2 days ago
In some ways, the concept behind St. Louis Public Library’s Creative Experience makerspace, located at its downtown branch, sounds pretty simple: It’s a space dedicated to creating things. But as makers of all sorts of stuff know, it can be difficult to bring even the best ideas to fruition without the right tools. That’s where Creative Experience comes in — providing studio-quality software and equipment to help bring many different kinds of projects to life. Now, SLPL is adding a second such makerspace to the library district, reinventing existing space at its Barr branch located at Jefferson and Lafayette avenues. On Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air , host Sarah Fenske talked with Mary Meyer, manager of digital library services at St. Louis Public Library, and with Justin Struttmann, SLPL’s chief operating officer, about the thinking behind this new space and what patrons can soon expect to see. Listen to the conversation: “ St. Louis on the Air ” brings you the stories of St. Louis

Collinsville Dispensary To Halt Cannabis Sales Monday After 'Unprecedented Demand'

1 week 4 days ago
The marijuana dispensary in Collinsville will temporarily halt sales to the public on Monday after what it called “unprecedented demand throughout the state.” HCI Alternatives, soon to be known as Illinois Supply and Provisions, said in a Sunday news release that it must stop selling cannabis on Jan. 13 to recreational users to “replenish adult-use inventory and allow staff to recharge.” The company said it was also halting sales at its Springfield location. Both dispensaries are expected to resume on Jan. 14. “We are very proud of our team, not only for the work they did to prepare for a historic New Year’s Day, but for how they represented our dispensaries and worked with a tremendous number of customers over the last week,” said Kim Kiefer, chief retail officer for the dispensary’s parent company, Ascend Wellness Holdings. Both dispensaries will remain open for regular business hours to serve medical marijuana patients. Customers can check for future updates at www.illinoissandp.com

New Airline At Fort Leonard Wood Starts Off Slow But Is Still Providing Hope For Growth

1 week 4 days ago
FORT LEONARD WOOD — Passenger counts at the Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport were down from February through October of 2019 compared to the previous year. That’s despite a new airline coming in and upgrading the departing planes from eight-seat propellor planes to 30-seat jets. When Nashville-based Contour Airlines replaced Massachusetts-based Cape Air, local officials were confident it would improve and expand service. But it’s taking a bit longer than expected for that to come to fruition.

St. Louis County Port Authority Hits Pause On Airport Study

1 week 6 days ago
The St. Louis County Port Authority is holding off on commissioning a study about regional governance of St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Andrew Ruben, outside legal counsel to the county Port Authority, said pumping the brakes on the study signals that talks of alternate governance structures are intensifying among regional leaders.

Want To Be A ‘Budtender’? Here's What It Takes To Work In An Illinois Marijuana Dispensary

2 weeks ago
As dispensaries across the state keep a close eye not only on the supply of their marijuana products but also their workforce to meet the demand from recreational weed customers, they may begin looking for new “budtenders” to apply. Some dispensaries in the state, including in Chicago and Champaign, had to close for a day this week to give their staff a break because of a shortage of state-approved employees available to handle transactions.

Granite City Changes 'Crime-Free' Rules for Renters Amid Complaints And State Law Update

2 weeks 2 days ago
Amid two ongoing civil rights lawsuits and a change in the state law , Granite City officials have relaxed their rules for landlords and tenants under the city’s crime-free housing ordinance, which used to be among the strictest in the metro-east. Until recently, Granite City officials would require landlords to evict tenants if anyone staying in their home, including a guest, was charged with a felony, even if the offense happened somewhere other than their apartment or rental home. An amendment to the Illinois Human Rights Act this year says landlords who deny someone housing based on an arrest without a conviction are violating a tenant’s civil rights, unless the crime happens at the rental property.

Missouri's New Medical Marijuana Industry Puts Banks In A Tough Spot

2 weeks 2 days ago
Robbie Guard sees a green opportunity in Missouri’s newest industry — medical marijuana. He runs the Cape Girardeau office for MRV Banks. The 13-year-old institution has just three locations along the Missouri side of the Mississippi River. As a relatively young bank with a small footprint, it struggles to bring in new accounts. Guard hopes the newly legal medical marijuana industry will change that.

Normandie Golf Course To Close Its Doors But Will Look For New Operator

2 weeks 2 days ago
Normandie Golf Club in Bel-Nor will close its doors Monday after 118 years. The club’s operator, Normandie 1901 LLC, announced Tuesday that it could no longer continue its lease agreement with the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the club’s owner. “The efforts and energies put into maintaining the 118-year-old property and the required capital improvements have just become more significant than the business can sustain,” a company official said in a statement.

Entrepreneur Group Works To Bring More Focus On Missouri Startups

2 weeks 3 days ago
A new effort is designed to boost entrepreneurs and their companies in Missouri by emphasizing their role in job creation and economic development throughout the state. NEXT Missouri is a coalition of 17 organizations that will start lobbying lawmakers to revamp policies and better support entrepreneurs who create jobs. “Data shows more than 80% of the new jobs in Missouri — 45,000-plus a year — come from startups and come from entrepreneurs,” said NEXT Missouri President Ben Johnson. “But our public policy historically hasn't been focused on supporting startups and entrepreneurs.”

MLS Project Didn’t Get Missouri’s Approval For Tax Credits In 2019, But What About 2020?

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Last month, news emerged about a potential holdup in plans for construction of a Major League Soccer stadium in downtown St. Louis. St. Louis city, the St. Louis Development Corporation and the MLS ownership group applied for a combined total of $30 million in state tax credits over 2019 and 2020. Missouri’s Department of Economic Development didn’t approve the request — the current cap on what it awards is $10 million. On Monday’s St. Louis on the Air , the St. Louis Business Journal’s economic development editor, Jacob Kirn, joined host Sarah Fenske with the latest and discussed the $461 million project's future.

Illinois’ Recreational Marijuana Sales Top $3 Million On New Year’s Day

2 weeks 6 days ago
The biggest party in town on New Year’s Day may well have been outside Illinois Supply & Provisions. Metro area residents stood in line for hours outside the Collinsville shop with the goal of purchasing legal marijuana products. Illinois just became the 11th state to legalize cannabis for recreational use. St. Louis Public Radio reporter Eric Schmid was at the shop on New Year's Day, and on Friday’s St. Louis on the Air , he joined host Sarah Fenske to discuss what people should know about buying and consuming Illinois’ recreational marijuana in 2020 and beyond. Listen to their conversation: “ St. Louis on the Air ” brings you the stories of St. Louis and the people who live, work and create in our region. The show is hosted by Sarah Fenske and produced by Alex Heuer , Emily Woodbury , Evie Hemphill and Lara Hamdan . The engineer is Aaron Doerr , and production assistance is provided by Charlie McDonald. Send questions and comments about this story to feedback@stlpublicradio.org .
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