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Palestine Supporters Again Seek to Disrupt Boeing in St. Charles

6 days 12 hours ago
Pro-Palestine protestors have again assembled outside of the Boeing plant in St. Charles to rally against the company’s weapons manufacturing — this time with a much larger crowd.  About 150 people gathered outside of Boeing Building 598’s main gate this afternoon for the second attempt in two weeks to disrupt operations at the campus.
Monica Obradovic

The Tina Turner Musical Reminds Us Why She's '(Simply) The Best'

6 days 13 hours ago
The first national tour of Tina – the Tina Turner Musical is currently playing at the Fox Theatre, and you don’t have to be a fan of St. Louis to thoroughly enjoy the effusive and uplifting show. With two talented and capable performers playing several of the roles, including Tina Turner, the young Anna-Mae and her sister Alline, every performance is a treat with a St. Louis-connected cherry on top.
Tina Farmer

St. Louis Apartment Manager Charged with Murdering Trespasser

6 days 15 hours ago
A south St. Louis property manager is facing murder charges after fatally shooting a man who allegedly broke into one of the units in an apartment building he managed. According to a police probable cause statement, Shane C. Richmond, 48, is the manager for several connected apartment buildings on South Broadway, across from Bellerive Park in the Carondelet neighborhood, and lives in one of the units himself.
Ryan Krull

SLU Reversed Agreement on Historic Buildings, Advocates Charge

6 days 16 hours ago
The days appear numbered for two historic buildings in the heart of Midtown — and preservationists blame Saint Louis University for speeding up the timeline to demolish them. The buildings at 3223 and 3221 Olive Street have garnered significant attention as among the only remaining vestiges of Mill Creek Valley, the African American enclave that flourished in early 20th century St. Louis. Vivian Gibson, a former resident of the neighborhood and author of the acclaimed memoir The Last Children of Mill Creek, previously told the RFT that the 130-year-old buildings sit just across the street from the area that was razed as part of a "redevelopment plan" that scattered neighborhood residents across the city.
Sarah Fenske

The Crack Fox's Pandemic Pivot Means Craft Cocktails, Mocktails and More

6 days 18 hours ago
The 1981 blockbuster film Escape from New York was shot in St. Louis because Hollywood knew it could pass off our beleaguered downtown as a post-apocalyptic Manhattan. While the urban canyons at our city's core have far more residents and nighttime vitality today, they've retained some of that sinister, Gotham ambiance after the sun goes down.
Chris Andoe

Kabul Express' Dishes Delight and Surprise in the Patch

6 days 19 hours ago
Kauash Adalat was born in Afghanistan but moved when he was a child to India, then to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia and, eventually, Germany. All this context coalesces when you taste the chicken tikka masala at his Patch neighborhood restaurant, Kabul Express (7704 Ivory Street, 314-499-4369).
Cheryl Baehr

Dirty 20 Nerd Bar Seeks to Be a Dungeons & Dragons Hub in Ballwin

6 days 22 hours ago
For as long as Jason Moughton can remember, he wanted to open a restaurant. But it wasn't until 2019 when that dream kicked into high gear — because that's when Moughton found Dungeons & Dragons. In falling in love with the tabletop game, Moughton and his wife, Ruth Camburn, were just a bit ahead of a very big curve.
Sarah Fenske

M.A.R.U. Offers St. Louis Space Rock — and Neon Frogs

6 days 22 hours ago
“We are all alien,” the motto of St. Louis band Mobile Alien Research Unit (M.A.R.U.), invites listeners on a spiritual journey filled with existentialism, space rock jams and frogs. Michael Quintero, Steve Lewis and Ryan Koster began the band in 2021 to offer audiences an otherworldly music experience.
Peter Cohen

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Gets Missouri AG Help on Post-Conviction Cases

6 days 22 hours ago
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Gabe Gore has farmed out approximately 100 post-conviction relief cases filed with his office to an unusual assistant — Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey. These cases, which in Missouri are technically civil litigation, represent a convicted person's challenge to either their conviction or sentence in a criminal case.
Ryan Krull

Fox Theatre's TINA Cast Visits Tina Turner's High School

1 week ago
Founded in 1875, Sumner High was established as the first high school for African American students this side of the Mississippi. In its nearly 150 years, the high school has provided the educational foundation for scores of prominent Black individuals in every industry and profession, including entertainment.
Tina Farmer

Two Plumbers Barcade Levels Up to a New, Larger Space

1 week ago
Robert Schowengerdt and John Simon had decided they were tired of being grownups. The former was a collector of vintage arcade games who was burnt out at his day job animating training videos for the CDC; the latter was a microbiologist in the pharmaceutical industry who daydreamed about getting back to his hobby of homebrewing.
Tony Rehagen

RFT Reviews the Week: November 13 to November 19

1 week ago
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13. Clayton sees its first murder since 2006, and you would think Christ himself had returned after a 2,000-year absence — the breathless media coverage suggests a life in Clayton really is worth more than one in north city.

Former Lindbergh Teacher Says He Was Impersonated on Instagram

1 week ago
A man who previously worked as a teacher at St. Louis area schools was put on blast this weekend for allegedly making an antisemitic comment on the RFT’s Instagram page — but he says someone else made the account to impersonate him. Dylan Salata was the subject of a post from @StopAntisemites, an account on X that in the wake of Hamas' October 7 attack on Israel has been working overtime to expose people tearing down fliers posted in solidarity with the hostages as well as other acts of anti-Jewish hate.
Ryan Krull

He’s Doing 20 Years for Meth. Could Weed Legalization Set Him Free?

1 week ago
A St. Charles man who is imprisoned on meth-related charges is hoping that Missouri's new weed laws might allow him to get out before serving his entire 20-year sentence. In 2012, when a judge handed down that long sentence to Kurt Usry, 42, convicted of possessing a "shake and bake" meth lab, he was treated as a prior and persistent offender.
Ryan Krull

Ballwin Man Arrested for Brutal Road Rage Attack in Downtown St. Louis

1 week 3 days ago
John Jacob Ehlinger, 35, has been arrested for a brutal road rage attack that took place near Ballpark Village on October 22. Swansea Police say they arrested him Wednesday "without incident." Ehlinger allegedly beat his victim badly enough to break his nose, jaw and forehead, police say.
Sarah Fenske

Exhibit Pays Tribute to Victims of State Violence With Comic Book Art

1 week 3 days ago
When I heard that an art exhibition featuring comic-book-style portraits of Black people who had been killed by police was coming to St. Louis, I was apprehensive about seeing it. I’m talking about Marlon West’s Ink Tributes, a series of sketches by the University City-native turned award-winning Disney animator on display now at the Saint Louis University Museum of Art (3663 Lindell Boulevard, www.slu.edu/sluma) through Saturday, December 30.
Angelo Vidal