The Grove, January 2020

3 days ago
If there’s any neighborhood that’s changed the most dramatically as far as the built environment goes in the last decade, it has to be the Grove. Sure, there has been more new construction north of Highway 40, Interstate 64, but… Continue Reading →
Chris Naffziger

Demolitions and Ruins

4 days ago
The three houses in Old North (last photo) just north of Crown Candy are now gone, but I’m noticing something new; they’re removing the basements now and not just simply pushing the dirt into the hole. Below, a four family… Continue Reading →
Chris Naffziger

St. John United Church of Christ

1 week 3 days ago
We realized we had never looked at St. John United Church of Christ up close, despite long admiring its unrivaled location sitting high upon a hill overlooking the intersection of Manchester and Sulphur Spring roads in Manchester. Of course, the… Continue Reading →
Chris Naffziger

Updates East of North Grand

2 weeks ago
The two beleaguered four-family flats owned by out-of-town slumlords on DeSoto Avenue in College Hill have been torn down, which considering their condition, I was not surprised. Their owners may have never even seen them in real life (yes, people… Continue Reading →
Chris Naffziger

Dryden Avenue, Penrose Neighborhood

2 weeks 1 day ago
I make a lot of discoveries by just scanning around, looking at satellite images. I found another interesting little footnote in the street grid of North St. Louis in the Penrose neighborhood. In between Penrose and Anderson avenues, there is… Continue Reading →
Chris Naffziger

Old Factory Coming Down, Old North

2 weeks 3 days ago
The large factory facing Jackson Park in the Old North neighborhood is being demolished. Its walls were weakened by the vibrations from the pile driving caused by the construction of the new pedestrian bridge across Interstate 70 last year. You… Continue Reading →
Chris Naffziger

Korean War Memorial

2 weeks 5 days ago
While checking out the Vandeventer Place gates for the third time, I finally took a look at the Korean Veterans’ Memorial, which was dedicated in 1989, replacing an earlier vandalized monument. The large stainless steel sculpture is a sundial keeping… Continue Reading →
Chris Naffziger
2 hours 31 minutes ago
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