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1 month 1 week ago

The Wolfsburg Weekender package had everything but the sink/stove. Spacious enough for Luther to lay down. This was my 2nd Vanagon.Pretty sure they spiked the highway at Tucamcari. You got into town, it was all hotels and tires.Excellent Mardi Gras Vehicle. Live feeds via dialup. Grilling rain
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This blog is back.

1 month 1 week ago

Long live JWblog.

Before the Pandemic, I started this blog. I did it in Ghost v Drupal, because I have too many Drupal instances to manage the gnarled upgrades.

The problem was that the feature images wouldn't show up in anything but Safari, and I tried about everything. This site

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The Hot Dog Cooker

6 months 3 weeks ago

Ms. Tuttle tried to kill me in the 5th grade. My dad "helped me" build a hot dog cooker. 2 8 penny nails, a 6" x 8" piece of wood, 4 bottle caps, 4 tacks, an AC cord.
She plugged it in while I was putting the hotdog on the

Jeff Wiegand

What is this L3C thing?

7 months 1 week ago

I caught this post on Startup Missouri and it spoke to me. :)

Startup veterans who've learned social enterprise pass on adviceIt can be equally difficult just to define the term. Some social enterprises are set up as 501(c)(3)s. Others are for-profit. A few, like Miller’s
Jeff Wiegand

Gertie and the Archive

7 months 1 week ago

Once upon a time, we used to dogsit for neighbors on our floor.

Walk in Forest Parkarchiving cds and dogsitting Gertie

I had my music and photos all collected up and on a new Terabyte hard drive when I got back from the Philippines. It took months to organize/

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The Fox and the Badger

7 months 3 weeks ago

Favorite thing I've learned all year.

A coyote and a badger use a culvert as a wildlife crossing to pass under a busy California highway together. Coyotes and badgers are known to hunt together.

🎥Peninsula Open Space Trust

— Russ McSpadden (@PeccaryNotPig) February 4, 2020


Jeff Wiegand

Meat on a Stick 02022020

7 months 3 weeks ago

After missing out on the Fattened Caf again, we decided to have Meat on a Stick Day.

Nancy prepping the night before.Ready for the Fire

We're fine tuning our processes to crank these babies out.

Waking the grill from slumber.First CycleChar -> Glaze -> Smoke
Jeff Wiegand

HVAC 02022020

7 months 3 weeks ago

[Scene: I'm sleeping.]

"Is the furnace broken?"

It does in fact seem chilly.


There was an LED light.

3 blinks.

WTF is a pressure switch?

Could it be the leaking freon that we haven't addressed?

We need an AC person. The home warranty seems to be very lacking. Recommendations?

Jeff Wiegand

Resume 2020v2

7 months 4 weeks ago
Jeffrey L. Wiegand Bio

My range of experience is Web Development, Web Design, Full Stack, UI/UX, SEO, Content Marketing, Mailing Lists, Server Administration, OSX, Linux, Windows, Graphic Production, Web, Print, Packaging.

I am a Web Builder, Production Artist and Entrepreneur.
A self-employed generalist looking for a part or full

Jeff Wiegand

A Leather Source

7 months 4 weeks ago

Another low bandwidth handcoded site. It's all tables and Stylesheets.

Jeff Wiegand

Cicero's 2001

7 months 4 weeks ago

ahhh, Ciceros
Never barter for services, kids.

background image tiling doesn't work in screenshots.
Jeff Wiegand

Bone Daddy

7 months 4 weeks ago

I did most of the production art and it was my first paying website.  

The brand was eventually sold and they guy who bought it replaced me with his 14yr old nephew. I told him just wait until he discovers women. The brand failed before they came crawling back. Bone

Jeff Wiegand

Gettin Gas

7 months 4 weeks ago

from the airport on Nancy's home island of Tablas.

on the way to Odiongan

This was taken with a Flip Videocam which met it's retirement soon thereafter on a dive.

Jeff Wiegand

Resume 2001

7 months 4 weeks ago

from the name of the image, I'm going to guess I got OmniGraffle about then.

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everything is personal
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