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The Right To Advertise?

6 hours 28 minutes ago
Sometimes, an advertisement is worth a thousand op-eds. Last week, one of us co-authored an op-ed criticizing an amicus brief filed by the American Economic Liberties Project and several prominent law professors in the pending Supreme Court case NetChoice v. Paxton. AELJ’s brief defends the constitutionality of a Texas law prohibiting social media companies from […]
Mike Masnick

Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

23 hours 54 minutes ago
This week, we’ve got a double winner on the insightful side with Toom1275 taking both top spots. In first place, it’s a comment about the news that Sony has once again made purchased digital content disappear: If buying isn’t owning, then pirating isn’t stealing. In second place, it’s a general-purpose comment about Elon Musk: There […]
Leigh Beadon

This Week In Techdirt History: February 18th – 24th

1 day 23 hours ago
Five Years Ago This week in 2019, the EU Commission decided to mock the public by insisting all the fears about the copyright directive were myths, even as lots of real people were showing up in real life to protest, and journalists were pointing out the problems with Article 11. Amidst this, we featured a […]
Leigh Beadon

Peloton Defeats Silly Trademark Suit Over A Plus Sign

2 days 20 hours ago
Who knew you could make this much fuss over a “+” sign? Back in 2021, Peloton was sued by a company called World Champ Tech LLC over the former’s Peloton Bike+ name. See, World Champ has a trademark for its biking mobile app called “Bike+” and sued claiming that Peloton’s product constituted trademark infringement. World […]
Dark Helmet

Protect Yourself From Sen. Mike Lee’s Anti-Porn PROTECT Act

2 days 22 hours ago
If you work for a living, do you feel coerced into doing your job? According to Senator Mike Lee, if you have anything to do with pornography, and need to earn money in the industry, it must be coercion at play. While the world continues to be fooled by the Kids Online Safety Act’s false […]
Mike Masnick

Free Speech Absolutist ExTwitter Suspends Navalny’s Widow’s Account After She Speaks Out, Blames Spam Tools

2 days 23 hours ago
Look, we all like to point out that when dealing in content moderation, mistakes are inevitable. But, I always find it amusing when people insist that mistakes must have been for nefarious purposes. Over the last few years, people, including ExTwitter owner Elon Musk, have insisted that stories like Twitter’s decision to restrict the sharing […]
Mike Masnick

Thanks To Swedish Court Ruling, Google No Longer Notifying Publishers About ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Removals

3 days 1 hour ago
The EU’s “right to be forgotten” was always a mess in theory. In practice, it’s even worse. This extension of EU data privacy laws gives people the power to delist and/or remove content published by others about themselves. Anyone could immediately see how this would be abused. People wishing to remove unflattering content would send […]
Tim Cushing

Daily Deal: The 2024 Complete Godot Stack Development Bundle

3 days 1 hour ago
Dive into Godot – a rising star in the game engine world. You’ll learn to create platformers, RPGs, strategy games, FPS games, and more as you master this free and open-source engine with easily expandable systems. Plus, you’ll also explore techniques for game design and game asset creation – giving you the ultimate techniques to […]
Gretchen Heckmann

Maybe Your Lawyers Shouldn’t Tell Reporters You Did Not Engage In ‘Conspiracy To Or Complicity In Murder’ When No One Was Claiming Otherwise

3 days 2 hours ago
Sometimes my “I have not participated in any conspiracy to or complicity in murder” t-shirt raises a lot of questions already answered by my shirt. Remember Rajat Khare? He’s the guy associated with Appin Technologies in India, and there’s a pattern of stories mentioning his name suddenly disappearing (or his name disappearing from them) after […]
Mike Masnick

UK Court Ruling Has Potential To Free Up The Public Domain; But Museums Might Still Block It

3 days 16 hours ago
There’s a post on the Creative Commons blog with some important news about copyright (in the UK, at least): In November 2023, the Court of Appeal in THJ v Sheridan offered an important clarification of the originality requirement under UK copyright law, which clears a path for open culture to flourish in the UK. In setting the copyright originality […]
Mike Masnick

Two Congressmen Introduce Law To Grant Copyright To Golf Course Design

3 days 20 hours ago
Of all the ways in which Congress chooses to spend its time and focus its priorities, legislation introducing a solution in search of a problem is surely one of the most frustrating. With that in mind, two United States Congress critters have introduced House Resolution 7228, which aims chiefly to confer concrete copyright protection to […]
Dark Helmet

Comcast, Paramount Eye Merger Because The Streaming Sector Is Completely Out of Ideas

3 days 22 hours ago
We’ve been talking a lot about how as streaming subscription growth slows, streaming companies will begin doing whatever’s necessary to deliver Wall Street quarterly growth at any cost. Even if it cannibalizes longer term company health, customer satisfaction, and brand quality. Just like the cable giants they disrupted, that generally means lots of prices hikes, […]
Karl Bode

Daily Deal: Little Wonder Solo Stereo Multi Connect Bluetooth Speaker

4 days 1 hour ago
This Little Wonder Solo Stereo Multi Connect Bluetooth Speaker may look small, but it produces as clear and powerful a sound as any other speaker. It comes in a solid and metallic look that is great for any setting and décor at your home, office, pool, picnic spot, and more! Connect this speaker to your […]
Gretchen Heckmann

Social Media Isn’t A Shopping Mall

4 days 2 hours ago
Something strange is happening in the legal academy, and we’re worried about it. On January 23, 2024, the progressive policy organization American Economic Liberties Project filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court case NetChoice v. Paxton, in support of a Texas law prohibiting social media companies from moderating – “censoring” in the words of […]
Mike Masnick