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ICE Facial Recognition Contractor Leaks A Whole Bunch Of Personal Data

3 hours 23 minutes ago
It’s not just the private sector leaking data at alarming rates! Well, it is still the private sector, but it’s leaking data on behalf of the government! So… somewhat different. But still alarming. According to this report from Caroline Haskins for Business Insider, an ICE contractor harvesting facial recognition and GPS data on behalf of […]
Tim Cushing

Daily Deal: The GameCreators Mega Maker Pack Bundle

3 hours 28 minutes ago
The GameCreators Mega Maker Pack Bundle will help you develop your own dream video game, and publish it on multiple platforms with thousands of royalty-free, 2D and 3D assets. You get AppGameKit Studio, a fully featured game development toolset with two asset packs. The bundle also has GameGuru, a non-technical and fun game maker that offers an […]
Gretchen Heckmann

Senator Klobuchar Fixed None Of The Problems With Her Antitrust Bill; But Made Sure To Carve Out ACTUAL Monopolists Like Telcos And Finance Companies

4 hours 33 minutes ago
Look: there are very real issues with the state of the internet today, including the amount of power a few companies have. But that doesn’t mean any solution is a good solution. Unfortunately, Senator Amy Klobuchar, whenever given the option, seems to put forth the worst possible plan. It’s mind boggling. For a while now, […]
Mike Masnick

Twitter Hit With $150 Million Fine For Using Two-Factor Authentication Data For Marketing

8 hours 34 minutes ago
While a lot of the scandals surrounding “big tech” have been overblown, one that hasn’t been discussed enough is Silicon Valley companies’ abuse of user two-factor authentication data. If you’ve been napping, two-factor authentication (preferably of the email variety) helps protect your accounts from being compromised by hackers. But when both Facebook and Twitter implemented […]
Karl Bode

Starlink Users Miffed They Have To Pay Extra To Skip The Long Wait

1 day ago
While Space X’s Starlink is a promising broadband option if you’re out of range of traditional options (and can afford it), many users who’ve pre-ordered aren’t having a great time. Some say they’ve been waiting for service more than a year, during which time Starlink has often refused to answer basic emails or issue refunds, […]
Karl Bode

This Is Really, Really Dumb: Ohio Court Says Google May Be A Common Carrier

1 day 1 hour ago
We’ve gone into detail as to why it makes no sense at all, legally or conceptually, to call a website a common carrier. We’ve also explained how conservatives — bizarrely the ones pushing for this, despite decades of claiming that common carrier designations were an affront to all that is good and holy — aren’t […]
Mike Masnick

Daily Deal: Landbot The Most Powerful Chatbot Builder

1 day 3 hours ago
Want to generate more leads, collect feedback instantly or automate customer support? Wish you could automate multiple processes within your business so you can focus on growth? Now, you can! Introducing Landbot: a no-code chatbot platform that allows you to automate conversational experiences on the web and WhatsApp, using an intuitive drag and drop builder, […]
Gretchen Heckmann

Senator Gillibrand Says We Don’t Have To Regulate Speech, Just Misinfo. Who Wants To Tell Her?

1 day 4 hours ago
It remains ridiculous how many politicians, across the political spectrum, resort to nonsense populism and grandstanding, rather than actually being willing to confront actual challenges. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that there are certain societal level issues that politicians simply cannot solve, and given the nature of a democracy based on first-past-the-post voting, […]
Mike Masnick

Senators Push FTC To Protect Location Data Of Abortion Clinic Visitors

1 day 7 hours ago
Earlier in May, Motherboard showcased how it was relatively trivial to buy the location data of cellphone users that had visited abortion clinics across the U.S. As states criminalize getting abortions (and helping people get abortions), there’s valid concern that our rampant failure to secure user location data will be abused in new and exceptionally […]
Karl Bode

Valve Gets ‘Right To Repair/Mod’ Right With The Steam Deck

1 day 17 hours ago
We’ve talked a great deal about the public’s right to repair the tech they own and how right to repair has finally started to shift in favor of the consumer as of late. In tech in general, and specifically in the video gaming hardware space, manufacturers have long fought to make it impossible for the […]
Dark Helmet

Very, Very Little Of ‘Content Moderation’ Has Anything To Do With Politics

2 days 3 hours ago
It’s truly amazing how focused people are, in discussions on content moderation, on the claims that “content moderation is censorship” and that it’s primarily “suppressing” political speech. That’s not how it works at all. Honestly, the origins of most content moderation efforts were around two major things: (1) spam prevention and (2) copyright infringement. Over […]
Mike Masnick

Daily Deal: Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for iPhone

2 days 3 hours ago
The Fast Mag Wireless iPhone Charger is a chic, modern wireless charger for your iPhone. It features a built-in magnet and metal plate, which sticks securely to your phone to prevent it from sliding off. Fast Mag features built-in safeguards against overcharge The addition of Fast Charge technology enables your phone to rapidly charge from […]
Gretchen Heckmann

Virginia Attorney, Congressional Hopeful File Doomed Lawsuit Against Barnes & Noble Over ‘Obscene’ Books

2 days 4 hours ago
Two political figures determined to play to the base no matter what it costs them have filed lawsuits against book retailer Barnes & Noble, claiming (one specific Virginia Beach store, along with a Virginia Beach school) the company is marketing “obscene” books to kids. It’s all incredibly stupid. Here’s Kelly Jensen with the details for […]
Tim Cushing

FTC Politely Asks Education Companies If They Would Maybe Stop Spying On Kids

2 days 7 hours ago
If you hadn’t noticed, the U.S. doesn’t give much of a shit about this whole privacy thing. Our privacy regulators are comically and intentionally understaffed and underfunded, we still have no meaningful privacy law for the Internet era, and when regulators do act, it’s generally months after the fact with penalties that are easily laughed […]
Karl Bode