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Working-Class Joe

3 hours 17 minutes ago
Today on TAP: Biden is truly helping working people. What will it take for more voters to get that?
Robert Kuttner

Breaking the Menendez Cycle

12 hours 47 minutes ago
He’s indicted for public corruption, he beats the charges thanks to the Supreme Court, Democrats restore him to a position of power, and he’s indicted again. But this time, Democrats aren't as welcoming.
David Dayen

Budget Follies: The Endgame

3 days 3 hours ago
Today on TAP: Expect the government to shut down, McCarthy to lose his Speakership, and some renegade Republicans to eventually support a discharge petition.
Robert Kuttner

The Punditocracy vs. the UAW

4 days 3 hours ago
Today on TAP: Commentators argue that the union is asking for too much. But a big win may help the UAW organize the non-union competition.
Harold Meyerson

Amazon’s $185 Billion Pay-to-Play System

4 days 13 hours ago
A new report shows that Amazon now takes 45 percent of all third-party sales on its website, part of the company’s goal to become a monopoly gatekeeper for economic transactions.
David Dayen

The Big Three’s Labor Shortages

5 days 13 hours ago
The only way the UAW’s strategy of rejecting voluntary overtime can work is if Ford, GM, and Stellantis lack enough workers to make cars.
David Dayen