STL Youth Jobs

STL Youth

Our Mission

We envision a city where our youth have the opportunity they need to succeed, and our businesses have the workforce they need to compete

Partner Organizations

We want to raise the profile of every organization that is engaging in the critical work of shaping the workforce of the future. Here are a few wonderful organizations who are contributing to this critical initiative.

Local Partners

    Angel Baked Cookies
    Children’s Home and Aid Society of Illinois
    Christian Activity Center
    Covenant House Missouri
    Employment Connection
    Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition
    Gene Slay’s Boys’ Club of St. Louis
    Griffin Center
    Harambee Youth Training Corporation

    Institute for Peace and Justice
    Near Southside Employment Coalition
    Payback, Inc
    St. Louis ArtWorks
    St. Louis Internship Program
    St. Louis Science Center Foundation
    Wyman Center
    Youth and Family Center

National Models

    Boston Youth Fund
    Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Cleveland)
    Youth Job Center (Chicago)
    Youth Development Commission (Detroit)
    Step Up Achieve (Minneapolis)

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